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Without Within

This project explores the female body both as a private entity and a political subject. It questions the challenges one faces by simply having the physique that is named and identified as female. Those of us with female bodies and more specifically with female genitalia experience public and private spaces through the issues that this body force upon us. 


As much as this physical body is a source of experiencing life, freedom and pleasure, it also subjects us to certain difficulties. We still have to negotiate our sexual and reproductive rights. Our bodies do not just belong to us. There are decisions that are made within the social and political sphere that assume the female body as a commodity to be legislated on. In many societies, women still have little to say about their personal choices on their sexuality, reproductive and sexual health. Female body is often objectified, politicized and shamed, therefore we need to conform just the right way to the norms that are set before us. 


Without Within rejects heteronormative standards that are imposed on female bodies. It aims to open dialogue on new possibilities and a more flexible discourse on the subject, one that is liberating rather than restrictive.