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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is an expression of the artist’s deepest and most pervasive fears. The mobile is a physical manifestation of the shame, guilt, and despair that cycle through the artist’s mind. By transforming a crib mobile from an ornamental play object into a sinister formation of mutilated female figures, the artist subverts the innocence of the toy form. Entertainment and stimulation become, simultaneously, distraction and obsessive focus. Loose ink lines reveal the ambiguity of the fears. Uncontrolled movements of the maimed bodies are the helplessness, disorientation, and vulnerability of the artist in the moments of confrontation with their fears. The exposed stiches on the backs of the figures suggest both consciousness of the constructed nature of these fears, and also their very real and damaging effects on the artist’s sense of themselves.


In this piece, the artist explores the very personal, subjective experience of fear through movement and a more organic drawing approach than they typically use. Unlike their usual process of idea generation, followed by research, and then gradual development of the imagery, this piece is a product of reflective practice. The less structured process parallels disordered way in which images, thoughts, and emotions pass through the mind during the experience of fear.