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Maral Bolouri Visual Artist

Maral’s practice is defined in its divers nature that self-questions and constantly evolves. Currently influenced by theorists such as Butler, Preciado and Zizek, their work explores private, personal and political, following a line of hysterical questioning with no claim of authorship of the content.

Their ongoing project emphasizes on the message, using text as the dominant medium. Referencing works by Holzer and Kruger, they aim to interrupt public space and create constructive nuisance.

In an ideal world they claim no country or roots. Their work can be found in several collections including World Bank, Washington, and Absa’s permanent collection, South Africa. They are the overall winner of Absa L’atelier 2017.



Sweet Dreams, Alienation, Mothers and Others, and Boxes  by Margarita Rayzberg




Sweet Dreams by Circle Art Gallery

AlieNation by Tom Vandas & Circle Art Gallery

Artist’s portrait by Jakob Liu Wächter

Mothers and Others by Absa

Boxes by Circle Art Gallery

Destiny I by Eric Mong'orion Gitonga