Artist Statement

My work is rooted in my ongoing questioning of language and the function of speech in the representation of marginalized subjects.


My practice currently focuses on how language enables the subject to produce a just representation of themselves.


Previously, in a series of projects entitled ‘Destiny’, I’ve addressed the treatment of women in Biblical and Quranic text and have further explored gender-based stereotypes pivoting on ways discourse is weaponized against those non-conforming to norms.

My award-winning Installation, ‘Mothers and Others’ probes the representation of women in African oral traditions through a multisensory structure.


The text installation 'Tell me why you love me?' questions subjectivity of marginalized groups through exploring discursive possibilities of representation. 


My ongoing project named ‘Un-mothering’ investigates the maternal bond and separation. Inspired by Anne Dufourmantelle’s body of work and my own psychoanalysis, I use found family archives as a backdrop for speech, a soliloquy that articulates the psychological heritage that’s passed on from mother to child. 


Maral Bolouri was born in Tehran, Iran. They are a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France. 


As a gender non-conforming person, their work previously reflected their experience as a marginalised subject in post-revolution Iran.


From 2009-2011 they lived in Malaysia to pursue a Master's program which guided their practice towards a research-based pursuit.


They moved to Kenya in 2012. Living in Nairobi introduced colonial and post-colonial realities to their practice with a focus on human rights and representation of women in African oral traditions.


Since 2018 they are based in Paris, France where they currently explore gender, identity, and the influences of identity politics on artistic practice.


Their works can be found in several collections including world bank Washington and Absa's permanent collection in South Africa. They are the overall winner of Absa L'atelier competition 2017.