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Est-ce qu'elle t'a jamais serrée dans ses bras comme tu le souhaitais _ .jpg

Artist Statement

My work is rooted in my interest in contemporary subjectivity and the linguistic possibilities of recounting oneself. Language represents the link between various projects that I have explored during the past decade. 


My ongoing project ‘Un-mothering’ investigates belonging in the context of the maternal bond and separation. Inspired by Anne Dufourmantelle’s body of work and my own psychoanalysis, I use found photography and family archives as a support for speech otherwise unsaid. 

Similarly, I question modern subjectivity through a conceptual project titled “Tell me why you love me?” based on Zizek’s reading of Lacan.


Maral is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France.

Her work previously focused on her experience of post-revolution Iran and the impact of religious doctrine on the representation of women.


She lived in Malaysia from 2009 to 2011 to pursue a Master's program that guided her practice toward a research-based pursuit. She moved to Kenya in 2012. Living in Nairobi introduced colonial and post-colonial realities to her work, with a particular focus on the representation of women in African oral traditions.


She currently lives in Paris, where she explores the influence of identity politics on artistic practice.

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